VIDEO: Healthcare Real Estate Trends in 2018

In a video interview recently featured in Commercial Property Executive, HSA Commercial Real Estate Vice Chairman and CEO Bob Smietana offers insights on changes in the healthcare real estate landscape in 2018.

As the delivery of care model continues to evolve in healthcare, Bob expects to see continued growth and development of outpatient facilities in 2018.

“That [delivery of care] model has changed from going to a hospital campus, going to a large parking garage, and having your diagnostic tests done there and seeing your family doctor,” Smietana says in the video. “Healthcare is being delivered in convenient locations to the consumer now.”

Bob references the 109,000-square-foot Drexel Town Square Health Center in Oak Creek, Wis., which HSA PrimeCare developed in 2017 in partnership with Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin, as an example of healthcare providers delivering institutional-quality care in neighborhood locations that are easily-accessible to their patient base. As Bob points out, some health systems are even opening clinics and specialty facilities in shopping centers to take advantage of the visibility, convenience, and synergy that traditional retail environments have to offer.

“[Medical facilities] are giving shopping centers a boost in terms of additional shopper traffic but also allowing diversity in the tenant space in the retail centers themselves,” Smietana adds.

Finally, Bob discusses the joint-venture fund that HSA PrimeCare formed with USAA insurance company to target “value-add existing healthcare real estate” and development opportunities in an 11-state territory across the Midwest. As Bob details in the video, the fund has already acquired four properties since its formation and is currently exploring a variety of new investment opportunities.

2018 is already shaping up to be a busy year for HSA PrimeCare, the national healthcare real estate division of HSA Commercial. Stay tuned to our website for announcements about new acquisitions and development projects!

To watch the entire video interview with Bob Smietana, please visit HSA Commercial’s YouTube page. Click here to read Commercial Property Executive’s coverage of the video.

HSA PrimeCare President John Wilson Discusses the Patient-Centered Delivery Model with

HSA PrimeCare and USAA Real Estate Company recently acquired the 45,722 SF Plymouth City Center Medical in Plymouth, Minn.

In an article published last week by, HSA PrimeCare president John Wilson explains how healthcare systems are working to reduce costs while preparing for a rapidly aging population and new patient needs.

John Wilson, President

According to Wilson, “…providers across the nation have largely shifted to a more patient-centered delivery model, with smaller, cost-efficient medical clinics doing much of the work once handled by big hospitals. Some of the savings will come from concentrating several specialties into one location, alongside more traditional doctors’ offices.”

Wilson further describes some specific design choices that HSA PrimeCare’s healthcare clients are implementing in order to fulfill the increasing demands of their patients.

“Facility design has become much more thoughtful – a trend that manifests itself in a variety of ways, including the use of warmer colors, abundant natural lighting and amenities like on-site pharmacies and imaging services,” says Wilson. “Some outpatient facilities have also added fitness centers that can be used for physical therapy and preventative care.”

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HSA PrimeCare President John Wilson Explains Designing for the Modern Healthcare Consumer in Illinois Real Estate Journal

John-W-1845 In a newly published article in Illinois Real Estate Journal, HSA PrimeCare president John Wilson outlines the complexities involved in developing healthcare facilities in an age in which patients expect the highest levels of convenience and comfort. Wilson identifies expanding service offerings, bundling of services within multispecialty facilities, and retail-format clinics as key strategies with which health systems are attempting to respond to the specific needs of their patients.

Within the patient-centered medical home model of care, a primary physician coordinates a patient’s treatment with specialists within the larger healthcare system. Primary care physicians within this integrated medicine model typically operate on the same medical campus or within the same suite as specialists and have the ability to share files with ease, allowing for more effective and thorough communication and preventing potentially harmful medical oversight. This centralized system provides easy, convenient, and comprehensive care that appeals to the modern healthcare consumer and is transforming the way healthcare developers operate.

Each of these respective trends naturally has implications for the design and construction of healthcare facilities. For example, in the medical home model of care, health systems are looking toward larger but more flexible footprints that house a comprehensive set of healthcare services while minimizing under-utilized common areas.

John also sees hospital-based urgent care centers and minute clinics as a way in which health systems are attempting to be more responsive to a desire from the public to receive expert care in convenient, neighborhood locations.

With the ability to stop in at any time to talk to a nurse practitioner and potentially walk out with the appropriate treatment or prescription, patients are more likely to seek consistent care. These clinics require either independent retail locations or space with easy access in a larger medical office facility. Advocate Good Samaritan Professional Building in Downers Grove, Ill. for example, is an HSA PrimeCare development that contains an Advocate Health Immediate Care Center. To establish a retail presence in our building, the center has additional signage out front and is located at the high-traffic entrance of the building.

To read the full article, please visit the Illinois Real Estate Journal website.