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9,800 SF Urgent Care Clinic
Developed by HSA PrimeCare in 2011

The Challenge:

For many years, Loyola Gottlieb Memorial Hospital tried to establish an outpatient facility in the River Forest market.  Few development or redevelopment sites were available in this tight infill urban market. Loyola Gottlieb Memorial Hospital selected HSA PrimeCare to manage an exhaustive search for infill sites in the densely populated River Forest market.

The Solution:

HSA identified a former furniture store at a high traffic location along North Avenue.  HSA worked with the hospital, residential neighbors and the village of River Forest through an extensive entitlement process.  The development plan was modified to retain and brace a portion of the rear wall of the existing structure up to a height of 12 feet to maintain a privacy barrier with the residential property.  The development team also addressed the village’s concern over loss of potential sales and property tax revenue.  The project was further challenged by discovery of underground fuel tanks at the property and the required remediation.  HSA structured a transaction that locked in a rental rate early in the process and limited the hospital’s exposure to the development risks.  The existing structure was demolished except for the rear wall and a new single story facility was constructed including urgent care, primary care, orthopedic care and radiology outpatient services.  The project opened on schedule in April 2012 and has exceeded the hospital’s early projections for patient visits.

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