Good Samaritan Office Center Cincinnati, Ohio
September 1, 2007

The on-campus medical office building in Cincinnati underwent a major reshuffling of tenants during 2007 with 7 leases expiring representing 43% of the building. HSA PrimeCare, along with the management of Good Samaritan Hospital, moved forward with a proactive multi-phased leasing program. The hospital made a decision to develop a Mature Women’s Center in the building. To accommodate the hopsital’s iniative, an early termination was negotiated with an existing tenant to free up a portion of the space rquired for the Women’s Center. Queen City General and Vascular Surgical Group was relocated, a new lease with the Good Samaritan OB/GYN along with several other expiring leases were renewed or relocated within the building. In all, the Mature Women’s Center now occupies approximately 15% of the building. Along with the renewal of several leases, the building is now at a 92% occupancy level.

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