HSA PrimeCare EVP Timothy Stanton Shares New Perspective After a Near-Death Experience in Healthcare Real Estate Insights Q&A
July 10, 2018

Last week marked the two year anniversary of the day HSA PrimeCare EVP Timothy Stanton suffered a major stroke, which severely impaired his ability to walk, breathe, and swallow and forever changed his perspective on the healthcare industry. Throughout his recovery Tim has continuously provided a unique, new perspective to the HSA PrimeCare team, offering suggestions to improve patient comfort in healthcare facilities the firm owns, manages, and develops.

30 days after the stroke Tim, center, left the hospital for the first time to attend his goddaughter’s wedding with his family (left to right): Kaleigh, Tammy, Ryan, Jack, & Joey.

In a recently published Q&A article with Healthcare Real Estate Insights, Tim provides a chronicle of his journey and discusses how his decisions as a patient have heightened his understanding of HSA’s responsibility to its healthcare provider partners and their patients.

Our job is to do everything and anything that provides an environment that will help patients get well. We need to understand and anticipate the needs of the patient, their caregivers and families. Having lived it, I can help the HSA PrimeCare team incorporate this vision into its work.

Click here to read the full Q&A at Healthcare Real Estate Insights online.

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