HSA PrimeCare EVP Robert Titzer Explains the Rise of Medical Office in Mixed-Use Developments in Commercial Property Executive Q&A

This week, Commercial Property Executive published a Q&A with HSA PrimeCare EVP, Robert Titzer discussing his prediction that the need for outpatient medical services will continue to increase and mixed use developments will benefit from incorporating a medical component.

As the modern healthcare consumer demands increased accessibility, healthcare providers seek to bring medical services closer to their patient bases. This means more facilities in highly visible locations. Developers are able to meet this need by adding medical facilities to mixed-use developments while also benefiting from the stability that this product type offers.

Robert Titzer, EVP

“Medical offices can be incorporated into a wide variety of mixed-use developments,” said Titzer. “Everyone needs health-care services, at all income levels, and essentially wherever people live and work.”

Access and parking can present significant challenges when incorporating medical into mixed-use developments. Since patients may be sick, injured, or elderly, special attention must be given to ensuring smooth patient flow in and out of the development.

“Medical facilities operate best when their patients do not have to compete for parking or access with other component users of the development,” according to Titzer. “They need drop-off areas and protected parking close to their destinations.”

One example of this is HSA PrimeCare’s recent multi-specialty medical development in Drexel Town Square with Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin.

“Drexel Town Square is an exciting new ‘front door” for Oak Creek, Wis., and having a health-care component dovetailed perfectly with the development’s mix of community, retail and residential uses. Its location made perfect sense for Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin. As part of a larger 85-acre mixed-use project that includes a new city hall, public library, shopping, restaurants, service-oriented businesses, hotel and apartments, a MOB fits into this modern, master-planned development.”

To read the full Q&A, visit the Commercial Property Executive website.

HSA PrimeCare Team Prepares Lunch for Ronald McDonald House Residents in Streeterville

Last week, the HSA PrimeCare Team worked together to prepare lunch for the residents of the Ronald McDonald House in Streeterville near Lurie Children’s Hospital. Alongside the Ronald McDonald House chef, the team of six HSA PrimeCare volunteers prepared a Mexican-themed lunch complete with shrimp and beef tacos, homemade pico de gallo, black beans, Spanish rice, corn salad, cheese quesadillas, and fruit.

Particularly for families who travel far to seek the medical care their child needs, parents often find themselves eating out of vending machines and racking up unaffordable hotel bills. Ronald McDonald Houses help families stay together and focused on what’s important – the health of their child. The organization provides private rooms, home-cooked meals, child play areas, and other services to the families of children facing a severe medical crisis, allowing them to focus on the care of their child without the added stress of searching for affordable and convenient housing and food. Through the Culinary Hearts program, HSA PrimeCare volunteers had the pleasure of preparing and serving lunch to these families and packing to-go boxes for families who could not attend lunch at its regularly scheduled time.

The HSA PrimeCare team is excited and proud to have volunteered with this impactful organization, and we look forward to many more years of participation.

Ronald McDonald House Charities is able to make a difference in the lives of so many families, thanks to the generosity of volunteers dedicating their time, talent, and resources to the organization. We encourage all of our friends and partners to visit the Ronald McDonald House website to learn how you can lend a hand.    

HSA PrimeCare Again Recognized as a Healthcare Influencer by Real Estate Forum Magazine

In the November/December 2019 edition of Real Estate Forum Magazine (RE Forum), the publication recognized HSA PrimeCare in its national list of influencers in Health Care Real Estate. The article acknowledged the firm for growing into one of the largest developers and managers of healthcare facilities in the Midwest with a 2-million-square-foot portfolio throughout eight states. It also highlighted HSA PrimeCare’s recent development, the 40,000-square-foot medical office building on-campus at Silver Cross Hospital, which is scheduled for completion first quarter 2020. The facility will be located on Silver Cross Boulevard just west of the hospital, and it will house the hospital’s urgent care, primary care, and occupational health clinics.

In addition to the team’s Healthcare Influencer recognition, HSA PrimeCare SVP Jon Boley was featured in another article in the publication, entitled Healthcare Real Estate Developers Get Creative. In the feature, Boley addressed the growing investor interest in healthcare properties driven by a rapidly aging population with increased healthcare utilization as well as the overall stability of the sector.

Jon E. Boley, SVP of Acquisitions & Development

“Healthcare has withstood recessions better than other asset classes,” says Boley. “In the 2008 recession, we found that our portfolio continued to perform. Even in a downturn, healthcare services are required and needed, and doctors will continue to see patients. It is an asset class that has withstood recessions. As a result, this late in the cycle, we see an increase in capital in the space.”

Boley also discussed how HSA PrimeCare has shifted its development strategy to accommodate changing patient and healthcare provider needs. The new Silver Cross Urgent Care Center that the firm is currently developing is a prime example of a project that lessens patient wait times while lowering provider costs by redirecting patients to an outpatient setting.

“The big opportunity now is health system, physician-driven build-to-suit properties,” says Boley. “The Silver Cross property is in an outpatient area of the hospital campus. While there is an emergency room on the campus, there was also a need for a place to appropriately direct patients coming into the emergency rooms but have lower acuity problems, like a fever.”

Congratulations to Jon and the HSA PrimeCare team on this recognition! Click here for the full digital edition of Real Estate Forum Magazine.