HSA PrimeCare President John Wilson Discusses How Millennials are Reshaping Medical Office Buildings with GlobeSt.com

Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin Drexel Town Square Health Center in Oak Creek, Wisc. offers a full-spectrum of services and access to walking paths at Emerald Preserve Park.

In an article published this week by GlobeSt.com, HSA PrimeCare president John Wilson explains how millennials are influencing the design of modern medical office buildings.

John Wilson, President

Millennials are focused on preventative care and overall wellness, and they are demanding convenience and integrated technology. According to Wilson, “more medical office buildings are including wellness and fitness centers… Cardiology groups especially have tied checkups and recommended workouts together, allowing patients to do both activities in a single visit. And to cut down on the number of trips patients make, many operators now realize they should house an array of specialists.”

Last year, HSA PrimeCare developed the 109,000-square-foot Drexel Town Square Health Center in Oak Creek, Wisc. In addition to offering a full-spectrum of services, the multi-specialty building has immediate access to walking paths at Emerald Preserve Park that patients and employees of the facility can enjoy.

Wilson further describes how check-in kiosks and telemedicine technology are being utilized in healthcare facilities to serve millennials.
“Such facilities allow instant consultations with specialists who may be located 30 miles away at the main hospital, eliminating the need for much extra travel,” said Wilson. “It’s an ever-changing field and moving fast…The adage we always use is, approach the brick-and-mortar as if you were a patient.”

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HSA PrimeCare President, John Wilson, Discusses the “Medical Home Model” of care at CAPRATE Events’ Healthcare & Real Estate: Chicago Event

Pictured, left to right: Thomas W. Tift, III, John Wilson, and Jonathan M. Wolf.

Pictured, left to right: Thomas W. Tift, III, John Wilson, and Jonathan M. Wolf.

Last Thursday, Chicago’s most active healthcare real estate developers, investors, and medical providers came together at the Mart Plaza to discuss the implications of recent trends in healthcare real estate. CAPRATE Events’ Healthcare & Real Estate event was broken up into eight panel discussions, which covered a wide range of topics from upcoming investment opportunities in senior housing to current requirements of debt and equity sources when financing healthcare real estate transactions.

HSA PrimeCare President, John Wilson, spoke on a panel entitled, “Evolution of the Healthcare Real Estate Lease: What are the Ramifications of the Affordable Care Act on Leasing, and How Have Terms Changed?”

During the discussion, Wilson engaged the audience with his description of the “Medical Home Model” of care. This is a team-based model of care whereby the team leader is a primary care physician who coordinates a patient’s care with specialists and other healthcare providers. This model stresses integrative medicine and team work amongst the providers. The physical design of the space allows for flexible exam rooms that house various providers in a given day or week. The space will also house consult rooms and collaboration areas. The clinic space is organized in a cluster of exam pods with an open area for providers to dock electronics and engage with one another. The Model utilizes corridors on either side of the exam room pods to create a segmented on-stage and off-stage area for the physicians; therefore, the physician and staff would enter the exam room from a second private area, opposite from where the patient entered to create different patient and employee experiences.

Healthcare Real Estate Insights (HREI) Publisher, Murray Wolf, moderated the panel, which included Jeffrey A. Calk, Partner at Waller Law; Mark Johnson, Director of Property Management at C&W Healthcare Solutions; Thomas W. Tift, III, President and CEO at HealthAmerica Realty Group; and Jonathan M. Wolfe, Principal at Stream Capital Partners.