One of the most important components to our medical office building success is recruitment of physicians. HSA|PrimeCare’s leasing professionals work along side the hospital administration and business development team to understand the objectives of the hospital. We meet with physicians daily and have working knowledge of their specialties and how their business is positioned in the market with respect to the hospital. We have programmed space for virtually every specialty and bring value added experience and solutions to the entire physician leasing process.

Our marketing and leasing team has developed a proprietary leasing program that combines physician specialty, location and hospital affiliation to strategically and mathematically assist in determining the size, location and tenant mix in our medical office buildings. Additionally, our healthcare leasing specialists are actively involved in the entire development process. We listen to what all parties in the development process are saying and develop marketing strategies, advertising, and public relations campaigns to aggressively solicit targeted prospective tenants in all phases of the real estate process.

Our leasing team starts every assignment with a through situational analysis which includes:

  • A complete understanding of the medical office market including competing hospitals, physicians, medical services, rents, operating expenses, improvement allowance, concessions and constraints.
  • An understanding of hospital healthcare delivery objectives such as use restrictions and tenant mix and how a medical office development will meet the needs of the hospital with respect to the market.
  • Developing a plan of action based on a set of facts, assumptions and objectives of stake holders and comparing those to market conditions.
  • This up-front analysis is essential to a successful medical office project. Our leasing team’s initial work enables the project team to properly position the property in the market to meet the hospital’s objectives and physician needs while preparing the decision-making path for the marketing and deal negotiation action ahead.

There are many parties involved in a successful medical office leasing program and, therefore, communication is of vital importance. Our communication process involves frequent meetings with key hospital administration and business development executives and a detailed format for briefing on the status of our progress. We have, therefore, developed proprietary medical office leasing and communications systems to track tenant leasing progress, summarize the status of each prospect, provide a next step and assign responsibility. Our systems provide a snapshot of square feet proposed and leased at any given point in time.

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